Stimulate your Mind & Body with Okinawan Karate.

The Okinawan Temple is where the Old Training and Secrets of the past remain alive today. Also learn the Japanese Culture and Language.

Karate gives you the Power you need to live the life you want. It’s a Life long journey for everyone. Are you ready to set goals in your life? Are you prepared to remain focused on those goals? Traditional Karate provides the best training to approach and navigate through life’s many challenges.

Maximize your Potential – Exceed & Achieve – Train to Succeed in Life

Violence doesn’t care about your Belts, your Ranks or your Titles.

Start your journey today for a long and healthy life. Call 401- 233-0334 or 401-965-3044

For Children: Defeat the Bully Program
We’ve all been in a situation where we wish we did something rather than waiting for something to happen. When it comes to self defense, there is a time to pause and a time to REACT.

Sensei Al Gagne will build your confidence.

For Ladies: Refuse To Be A Victim Program
For Teens: Date Rape Defense Training

Affordable Tuition – Adult & Children Classes
​Direct Lineage to Okinawa – The Birthplace of Karate
Adult Classes – up to 5 two hour classes a week.
Children Classes – up to 5 one hour classes a week.
Kata – Weapons – Sparring Included in One Monthly Tuition
​No Hidden Programs – No Automatic Promotions
​Traditional Weapons Training
Law Enforcement Training (ORCUTT OPN)

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